Mexican Fiesta

Have you joined in the fun of our Mexican Fiesta Sale in-store? If so, you could be eligible to enter our exclusive $200 Mexican Fiesta Pack Giveaway! Dive deeper into the fiesta spirit with a chance to win one of three of our spectacular selection of goodies.

Mexican Fiesta Giveaway

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Dive into a world of flavour with our sizzling Mexican Fiesta Sale at Cotton Tree Meats!

Whether you’re craving the tender joy of Pulled Pork Burritos, the fiery zest of Spicy Chicken Breast Enchiladas, or the robust charm of Carne Asada Sirloin Steak, we’ve got all you need to set your tastebuds dancing. Join us at Cotton Tree Meats  and turn your meal into a fiesta!

Come in-store today. Limited time only from 16th of May. Offer ends June 4th.

Carne Asada Angus Sirloin Steak – $49/kg

Carne Asada Thick Angus T-bone – $36/kg

Fiesta Lamb Shoulder – $24/kg

Honey Chipotle Pork Sausages – $8/tray

Mexican Beef & Cheddar Sausages – $8/tray

Mexican Mango Salsa Chicken Sausages – $8/tray

Mexican Beef Meatballs – 6 for $10 – 80g ea

Mexican Honey Chipotle Split Chicken – $8.50ea

Mexican-style Shredded Beef – $24/kg

Mexican Beef & Corn Quesadillas – 3 for $10

Mexican Chicken Wingettes – $5/kg

Chicken Thigh Fajita Mix – $20/kg

Mexican-style Pulled Pork – $18/kg

Beef Steak Fajita Mix – $20/kg

Fiesta Pork Boston Butts – $12/kg

Pulled Pork Burrito – 2 for $15

Spicy Chicken Breast Enchilada – 3 for $10

Chicken Breast Enchilada – 3 for $10