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Save 30% on all our delicious Tasmanian lamb in our Grand Lamb Sale!

The Grand Lamb Sale is back for 2023! Save 30% off all Tasmanian lamb for a limited time only.

Thursday March 2 to Monday March 21

2023 Price List

  • 5 for $18 Lamb Haloumi Skewers
  • $7 / Tray Gourmet Lamb Sausages
  • $9ea Lamb Shank Pot Pie
  • $32/kg Lamb Loin Chops
  • $55/kg Lamb Cutlets
  • $30/kg Lamb Chump Chops
  • $46/kg Lamb Rack Herb Crusted
  • $46/kg Lamb Rack French Trimmed
  • $32/kg Lamb Mini Roast Spinach and Feta
  • $32/kg Lamb Mini Roast Rosemary and Mint
  • $23/kg Lamb Bbq Chops
  • $23/kg Lamb Bbq Chops Rosemary and Mint
  • $34/kg Lamb Cutlets Panko and Parmesan
  • $14/kg Lamb Legs Chump Off Shank Off
  • $26/kg Lamb Legs Easy Carve
  • $26/kg Lamb Legs Easy Carve Rosemary Mint
  • $17/kg Lamb Shanks King Henry
  • $26/kg La’Mackle
  • $21/kg Lamb Shoulder Bone in
  • $27/kg Lamb Leg Diced
  • $52/kg Lamb Backstrap
  • $27/kg Lamb Leg Butterflied
  • $27/kg Lamb Leg Butterflied Rosemary Mint
  • $10/kg Lamb Spare Ribs
  • $28/kg Lamb Rump Roast (Picanha)