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By May 29, 2017April 27th, 2023News

What a weekend!! Could not be happier and more proud of our team. In our 5th competition we where getting more consistent with every cook, but never expect to win Grand Champion.

1st Pork- Only the second time we have ever handed in pork at a competition. The addition of pork burnt ends ton top of pulled pork and money muscle got the judges excited.

4th Lamb – Has been our most consistent category this year. This was our favourite hand in of the day.

6th Pork Ribs- They have been very hit and miss in our first 4 comps. Finally got the right mix of smoke and our sweet, sticky and a little spicy BBQ sauce.

10th Brisket – Cooked a beautiful wayu brisket with the addition of a finishing sauce we have been working on. Our best Brisket result yet with room to improve, our burnt ends didn’t quite hit the mark so we decided to leave them off.

14th Chicken – We went with our chicken lollipops again which  have won a couple of trophy’s. They are constantly in the top of the field.