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Steaks of Summer @ CTM

By December 1, 2017April 27th, 2023News

At Cotton Tree Meats we are very proud and passionate about the range of steaks we provide for our customers week in week out. All our beef is hand source to ensure a steak dining experience like no other & we have a steak to suit all budgets and taste buds. Everything from our tender Grass Fed Beef through to our John Dee Black Angus, Wagyu Beef & of course Dry Aged Beef. We pride ourselves on sourcing very unique & specialised cuts.

Grass Fed Beef

We carry an exclusive range of Cape Grim and Cape Bryon Beef all 100% grass fed. Angus & Herefords being the predominate breeds of cattle we source.

  • Sirloin – $29.99/kg. Our most popular & cheapest steak, guaranteed tender & will be a treat great on any BBQ.
  • Rump   – Whole $20.99/kg & Sliced 32.99/kg. Our whole cape grim whole rumps are under 5kg & offer the best value for money. Rump has always been as the most naturally delicious steak.
  • Rib Fillet – Whole $42.99/kg & Sliced $49.99/kg. All our rib fillets weigh between 2.2 – 3.1kg ensuring they come of quality yearling cattle to provide a tender & flavoursome steak.
  • Eye Fillet – $68.99/kg. The most tender & lean steak available carries a enjoyable delicious natural flavour only achieved from using the finest cape grim beef available.

Grain Fed Beef

Our range of Grain Fed steaks are sourced locally from Nolan’s in Gympie who follow a strict 140 Day grain fed diet only using Hereford breeds of cattle. Both Steak are on the bone adding a depth of flavour.

  • T-Bone – $34.99/kg. The best of two worlds, super tender eye fillet on one side of the bone and a delicious sirloin on the other.
  • O.P Rib Fillet – $42.99/kg. Great steak for reverse searing using cut a minimum 1″ thick.

Wagyu Beef

Wagyu carries its own unique richness is flavour and butter like tenderness. We only use Wagyu with a fat score of 6 or higher soucring our Wagyu from Rangers Valley & Jacks Creek.

  • Sirloin {fat score 6+} – $72.99/kg. Our most popular cut of Wagyu carries an even balance of marble and packs a lot of flavour without being to rich.
  • Sirloin {fat score 9+} – $125/kg. The Rolls Royce of the Wagyu world, we don’t always have the chance to sell such highly scored Wagyu as 95%  will go export market so when we do its super exciting to be able to offer such a prestige cut of beef to our customers.
  • Rump {fat score 6+} – $39.99/kg. Great entry level steak if you have never tried Wagyu before packs a lot of flavour as rump naturally will backed up with a nice even marble of fat.

Dry Aged Beef


The purpose of Dry Aging is to help intensify the depth of flavour, we only use highly marbled Wagyu or John Dee Black Angus beef which is fed on grain for a minimum 200 days. The full effect of Dry Aged Beef will only reach its full potential if you use the highest quality beef available. Quite simply this is the ultimate in a steak dinning experience.
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