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By September 27, 2023BBQ, Beef, Low & Slow


  • 1 Brisket Half – Flat End.
  • BBQ Seasoning.


  1. Set your smoker to 130˚ C and rub your brisket in your BBQ seasoning.
  2. Smoke the brisket for around 2.5 to 3 hours or until north of 65˚ C internal.
  3. ‘Boat’ (see tips and tricks below) the flat end of the brisket and place back into the smoker until internal temperature is around 95C and it probes with little resistance (approx. 3-4hrs).
  4. Once it is has reached temperature remove the Brisket from the foil and place in into new foil unwrapped for de-steaming, (make sure to retain the jus from the foil and keep warm). After 15 minutes of de-steaming, foil back over the brisket and wrap tightly to keep warm.
  5. Rest for a minimum of 30 minutes (2hrs is ideal) in a warm place before moving to the next step.
  6. Unwrap the brisket and slice against the grain for best results.
  7. Place slices in a tray and return the reserved jus over the slices before serving (optional)

Tips & Tricks

  • To ‘Boat’ your brisket, lay two pieces of aluminium foil approx. 80cm long in a cross. Staring from the bottom piece, scrunch and fold the foil up and around the brisket forming a lip that presses close into the brisket. If you’ve got it right, it will form a ‘Boat’ which will hold the liquid (jus) in place and help braise the brisket while keeping the bark on top (step 3).
  • Brisket is better cooked to feel rather than temperature which is just a guide. You are looking for a lack of resistance when pushing a probe into the brisket or what is termed as “a hot knife through butter’ (step 4).
  • De-steaming (step 4) is the process of stopping the cooking process through time so we don’t overcook the meat. The core temperature of the liquid left in meat is near boiling point when removed from the smoker. This process allows to the juices to cool enough to stop cooking the meat internally and dropping them to a temperature that is still hot enough to carry into the rest period and stay warm.
  • Resting (step 5) can be done in an oven set at 65C or wrapped in towel and placed in a dry esky with the lid on. Either method will allow up to 5hrs rest time and remain at a serving temperature.
  • The grain (Step6) is the directions that the long strands run. The easy way to find this on a cook brisket is by scratching back a small bit of bark until the grain is showing. It will be the same along the entire brisket flat.

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