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Picanha – Rotisserie

By March 6, 2024Beef


  • 1 x Picanha/Beef Rump Cap
  • Salt and Pepper


  1. Take the Porchetta from the fridge and leave it out to bring it up to room temperature 1hr before cooking.
  2. Set your firepit or rotisserie for indirect cooking and make sure the heat is of a medium temperature.
  3. Remove any silver skin and portion your Picanha in 3 even width pieces.
  4. Spear the rotisserie rod in through your Picanha pieces, bending the meat to form a ‘U shape’ on the rotisserie rod with the fat cap aligned in a row and secure tightly against the prongs.
  5. Once on the rod, apply the salt and pepper to the meat only avoiding the fat cap.
  6. Making sure the Picanha is not directly over the coals, continually add fuel to keep it at temperature. It should take around 2 to 2.5hrs to get to an internal temperature of 60C.
  7. Remove from the heat once internal temperature is reached, leaving the rotisserie rod in the meat to rest for 10-15 minutes.
  8. Remove the rotisserie rod from the Porchetta and against the grain.

Tips & Tricks

  • Set your firepit for indirect cooking by dividing the coals to each side so when the rotisserie rod goes on there are no coals beneath it (step 2)
  • The silver skin will be on the underside of the Picanha, it eats chewy and needs to be removed before cooking (if in doubt, ask the butcher to remove it for you) (step 3)
  • Make sure you place the rotisserie rod handle down/point up on a nonslip surface. You spearing the meat onto the rod, not the rod through the meat. If it proves a little reluctant to go through, pierce the meat with a knife to get it started (step 4)

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