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Lamb Shoulder (Pulled Lamb)

By March 6, 2024BBQ, Lamb


  • Lamb shoulder (aka forequarter)
  • BBQ Seasoning


  1. Set your smoker to 130˚ C and rub your Lamb Shoulder in your favourite BBQ seasoning.
  2. Smoke the Lamb Shoulder for approx. 2.5 hours or until internal temp is above 60˚ C.
  3. Remove from smoker and wrap tightly in Aluminium foil taking care to not pierce the foil with the bone.
  4. Place the wrapped Lamb Shoulder back in the smoker making sure to keep any foil edges pointing up to prevent the juice from escaping.
  5. Cook it until the internal temp reaches approx. 98 – 100˚ C in the centre near the bone (approx. 3 to 4 hours),
  6. Once it has reached temperature remove the Lamb Shoulder from the foil and place in a foil tray for de-steaming, (make sure to retain the jus from the foil and keep warm). After 15 minutes of de-steaming, foil over the tray tightly to keep warm.
  7. Let it rest for a minimum 30 minutes in a warm place before moving to the next step.
  8. Remove foil and remove the bone and pull the meat. Try to create chunks as well as pull the strands to retain texture as opposed to squishing the fibres as they are soft and will turn to mush.
  9. Add some of the warm reserved jus in the mix and toss through until lightly coated.

Tips & Tricks

  • Covering any protruding bone before wrapping with extra foil helps eliminate some of this issue (stp 3)
  • Be patient (step 5) it’s a large piece of meat and can sometimes take longer to cook than expected. We always plan to start 2hrs early and allow for a 2hr rest before serving. It’s a bit of an insurance policy as it allows an extra window of cooking time if need be.
  • De-steaming (step 6) is the process of stopping the cooking process through time so we don’t overcook the meat. The core temperature of the liquid left in meat is near boiling point when removed from the smoker. This process allows to the juices to cool enough to stop cooking the meat internally and dropping them to a temperature that is still hot enough to carry into the rest period and stay warm.
  • Resting (step 7) can be done in an oven set at 65C or wrapped in towel and placed in a dry esky with the lid on. Either method will allow up to 5hrs rest time and remain at a serving temperature.

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