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How to Cook the Perfect Steak

By April 19, 2019April 27th, 2023Beef
How to cook the perfect steak

Want to know how to cook the perfect steak? These tips and guidelines will help you get the perfect results time after time.

For the ultimate steak experience, you can’t go past one of our specialty dry aged steaks! These guides however will work with all common cuts of steak.

  1. Remove steak from fridge 10 mins before cooking
  2. Ensure the pan, grill or BBQ is hot
  3. Brush steak lightly with oil
  4. Season both sides with salt and pepper
  5. Cook steak to your liking – see below
  6. Rest steak 2-4 minutes after cooking


  • Cook a few minutes on one side ( depending on thickness)
  • Turn and cook until steak feels ‘very soft’ with the back of tongs


  • Cook on one side until moisture is visible on top surface
  • Turn and cook on the second side until moisture is just visible
  • Cook until steak feels ‘springy’ with back of tongs


Thickness 25mm 30mm 40mm Int. temp
RARE 3 mins 3.5 mins 5 mins 55-60˚C
MEDIUM 3.5 mins 6.5 mins 9 mins 65-75˚C

Now you know how to cook the perfect steak it’s time to practice! Every BBQ or heat source can be different, so use these times as a guideline and adjust for your steak and cooking method as necessary.