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Low & Slow Smoked Beef Brisket

By March 28, 2016April 27th, 2023Beef, Low & Slow
Low & Slow Smoked Beef Brisket

Smoked Brisket is the pinnacle when it comes to low & slow, and the one cut that gives a pit master more headaches than any other cut. Once mastered not much compares to the unique flavour and texture of a perfectly cooked beef brisket.

Smoked Brisket Ingredients

  • 1 x Brisket
  • Blend smoked honey
  • BBQ Rub
  • Spritz bottle – 50:50 water: apple cider vinegar
  • Pecan or Ironbark wood
  • Charcoal or briquettes

Cooking Method

  1. Trim any excess fat of your brisket. Warm up blend smoked honey in microwave & drizzle over a nice even cover, then season well with you BBQ rub ensuring a nice even coat.
  2. Fire up your smoker aiming to set your temperature between 125°C – 140°C, add wood to create a nice even flow of smoke.
  3. Smoke brisket for 3 hours uncovered, spritzing if required to control the bark on the outside of the brisket.
  4. Wrap brisket in a couple of layers of foil and cook for another 3-5 hours until internal temperature of 93 – 98º C. The final telling point will be the resistance when you probe the brisket.
  5. Rest for minimum 1 1/2 hours in esky or oven turned off.


  • The same recipe can be used for gas smokers and pallet smokers
  • You can capture the juices that cook out of the smoked brisket and into the foil, place this in the fridge, let fat set to the top, remove fat, warm and use as a finishing sauce.
  • Spritzing your brisket will control the bark on top. This is a personal preference, the less you spritz the heavier your bark will be.
  • Adding a water pan to you smoker is important to help prevent any drying during the cooking process.
  • Low and slow is about visual & feel cooking just as important as timed cooking, be sure to take notice of feel and look so you can adjust if need be.